620 Shepherd Drive | (713) 880-3318

The Kipling School is located in the Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park neighborhood. It is a private, secular, elementary school for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. The school offers core academics as well as tutorials and enrichment classes. The school’s mission is to, “guide your child to achieve his or her potential while instilling a passion for learning, community service, leadership, and family.” This school was started by a parent in 2007, and expanded in 2010.

Key Facts

Grade Levels
Pre K3 to 5

School Year Details

School Start Date Aug. 28, 2017
School End Date June 1, 2018
Start Time 8 AM
End Time 3:30 PM

After School Programs


Tuition and Fees

$13,000-$14,600 annually


Application Deadline

Link to Application


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