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Discovery Middle School is located in Museum Park. The private, coeducational school serves students in grades 6, 7 and 8. The school is a program of the Nehemiah Center. Its mission is to, “provide assistance to low income families who are invested in seeking a better future for their children through education, emotional wellness and spiritual enhancement.” The school incorporates, “Houston as a Classroom,” locating many learning experiences outside the school building at local museums, businesses and parks. In July 2017, the Nehemiah Center joined Southwest Schools, a choice-based Texas education district, in order to expand and enhance its academic offerings. Nehemiah Middle School now operates as Discovery Middle School at Nehemiah (DMSN).

Key Facts

Grade Levels
6 to 8

School Year Details

School Start Date Aug. 27, 2018
School End Date May 31, 2019
Start Time 8 AM
End Time 3:40 PM

After School Programs


Tuition and Fees

$810 annually


Application Deadline


 Interested applications should call the school, 346-571-6062, for an application. No 8th grade admissions.

Tours / Open House Info

Schedule with school


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