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The German International School of Houston is located in the Medical Center area. GIS - Houston began in 2009. The school offers a German-English Dual-Language Immersion Program for children two to five years old. Students approach both languages and cultures naturally through play, story time and music. Students explore the world around them through hands-on activities such as art, math and science projects, and fine/gross motor exercises in a developmentally appropriate environment. Knowledge of the German and/or English language is not required. GIS - Houston also offers summer camps for children two to nine years old. 

Key Facts

Grade Levels
Pre K3 to Pre K4
Student-Teacher Ratio
Average Class Size

School Year Details

School Start Date Aug. 20, 2018
School End Date June 12, 2019
Start Time 7:30 AM
End Time 2:30 PM

Special Programs

Language Programs

Dual Language

After School Programs


Tuition and Fees

Starting at $995 annually


Application Deadline

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Open Enrollment 

Tours / Open House Info

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