Northside Village is a part of the “Near Northside,” a cornerstone of the ever-growing diversity in Houston. A proud, resilient, working class community resides within the confines of the historic neighborhood, which offers a plethora of affordable housing options as well as attractive businesses, services, parks and other amenities. Victorian homes of the Historic Near Northside provide a glimpse into the region’s roots, while new developments like Avenue Place continue to plant seeds within the community. Schools, such as Ketelsen Elementary, Marshall Middle School, and Northside High School provide opportunities for the community’s saplings to grow and flourish, while also serving as centers for community engagement with non-profits such as Avenue CDC. The allure of local flavor and culture is prevalent in the Near Northside. The soul of the neighborhood lives within the vast assortment of mom & pop shops, offering everything from culinary confections to reliable services. A small town vibe persists as neighbors know and converse with each other as friends. An eclectic group of nationalities proudly celebrate their roots in the area, culminating with the spring showcase, Sabor Del Northside festival. The close proximity to downtown allows for residents of all spectrums to access the city’s entertainment and recreational venues with ease. The historic and contemporary elements of life mesh with the Metro light rail passing through, providing all with access to the city’s points of interest. Public transportation and walking are ideal for many as a vast assortment of locales are close to one another. Hogg Park offers a bike trail through quaint surroundings, as well as to Downtown and the Heights. With each passing season, the Near Northside region continues to nurture various opportunities into fruition while sewing the soil for future expansion. 

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