The MacGregor Super Neighborhood is a collection of neighborhoods on both sides of Brays Bayou east of the Texas Medical Center. The super neighborhood is bounded by Blodgett/Wheeler on the north, Old Spanish Trail on the south, Almeda on the west and Spur 5 on the east. The area was once home to a large number of Jewish families such as the Fingers, the Sakowitz's, and the Battlesteins. The area started becoming predominantly African American in the middle 1950s, after the Jewish families began moving out to the suburbs. Some parts of the community include stately homes interspersed with small motels and apartments. Some subdivisions, notably Timbercrest, University Oaks and Riverside Terrace along South MacGregor, retain their gracious residential characteristics and contain numerous examples of outstanding architecture. Home construction and commercial development have recently revived, especially on the southern edge of the area.

-Adapted from City of Houston Super Neighborhoods

Key Facts

Median Household Income
Median Age

Housing Costs

Median Appraisal Value
Average Monthly Rent


Education Level

College +
Some College
HS Diploma
No Diploma


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